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Shelter officials promote adopting over shopping for pets

Eau Claire Co. (WQOW) — On ‘National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day’, local shelter officials are sharing why they want you to adopt, not shop.

Staff at the Eau Claire County Humane Association (ECCHA) told News 18 they could house up to 2,000 strays throughout the year. That’s a statistic they say could be reduced if more people chose to adopt a pet versus buying from a breeder.

They said a shelter should only be a temporary stop for the animals, plus adoption fees are likely to be hundreds of dollars less than a breeder’s price.

“Sometimes we waive fees, sometimes we have discounts, we just want to find the absolute perfect home,” said Shelley Janke, executive director of ECCHA. “These pets are all in need of finding their forever homes, and they’re very loving and they are so appreciative when their families adopt them that they become the best pets.”

If you can’t offer a long-term home for one animal, shelter officials told News 18 fostering one could help pets adjust to home-life.

“The foster families also see these animals’ attitudes, behaviors, so we’re able to best get that animal to a good home that’s going to fit them,” said Kimberly Carter, foster coordinator for ECCHA.

If you would like to learn more about the adoption process, click here. 

Samantha Wensel

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