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Mock car crash steers to deter drunk driving

Altoona (WQOW) — Prom season usually means dresses, tuxes and dancing, but sometimes it leads to drinking and driving. That’s what officials behind mock car crashes are trying to prevent.

Wednesday, Altoona High School juniors and seniors watched a made-up scenario of a group of teens getting into a crash after allowing a drunk friend to drive. Organizers of the demonstration said they make things as real as possible by involving area police and fire and EMS teams.

Although this is just a mock scene, officials from Mayo Clinic Health System told News 18 the consequences of drinking and driving are very real.

“It really makes them think around those high-risk times, around prom and graduation, and hopefully other times as well as we go into the summer months where teens have more free time,” said Kim Strasburg, trauma and injury prevention coordinator for Mayo Clinic Health System. “Hopefully we teach them ways to make smart choices and what could be the consequences of making a poor choice.”

Strasburg said parents should have conversations regularly with their teens about the dangers of drunk driving to help prevent a tragedy.

Altoona’s mock crash was just one of many for our area. Eau Claire North will have one Thursday (at 10 a.m.), Memorial High School will have one on May 17 (at 10 a.m.), and Regis High will have one on May 9 (at 1:15 p.m.).

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