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Students sing and dance to celebrate Hmong Heritage Month

Eau Claire (WQOW)- Hmong students at DeLong Middle School shared a piece of their culture with their classmates Thursday, through song and dance.

As part of Hmong Heritage Month, 45 Hmong students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade wore traditional Hmong clothes to school, and at the end of the day they put on a performance.

Lizzy Ehnrenberg a teacher at the middle school said the students who participated have been practicing their dances since September.

Ehnrenberg said it’s important to celebrate Hmong Heritage Month because so many students identify as Hmong, and want to share their culture with their peers.

“I think when all students have a chance to learn about something that’s either the same as what they are or is different from what they are, it opens their mind to other experiences and just helps them grow as people,” said Ehnrenberg.

Ehnrenberg said being able to get up and perform in front of your peers is difficult and it made her proud to see her students get up there and dance with so much confidence.

Shannon Satterlee

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