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Eau Claire’s ‘swing’ status could have major impacts on 2020 presidential race

Eau Claire (WQOW) — As we inch closer to the 2020 election, Eau Claire will likely be a stop for many presidential hopefuls.

In 2016, all the presidential candidates came to Eau Claire to try and sway your vote.

Political science experts predict something similar for 2020 since election analysts consider our area one of the “swingiest” in Wisconsin.

The Chippewa Valley tends to go back and forth between Democratic and Republican depending on the election, and it’s typically by a small margin.

“The Wisconsin primary, although it’s not terribly early in the season, if it’s close, especially on the Democratic side, if there’s still a bunch of candidates left, Eau Claire is a logical place to target because there are a lot of swing voters here who could make a difference,” said Geoff Peterson, UW-Eau Claire’s political science chair.

Peterson also told News 18, swing areas like Eau Claire often see more political ads on TV, for the same reason candidates would make a physical stop, in hopes of swaying your vote.

Samantha Wensel

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