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City Council president candidates look ahead to Tuesday’s election

Eau Claire (WQOW) — A big race in Eau Claire on Tuesday’s election ballot will be for city council president.

Both candidates, acting Eau Claire City Council President Andrew Werthmann and council member Terry Weld believe their contested race is at the top of many voters’ minds.

“Things that I think point to an Eau Claire that is more equitable and more fair and lifts up everyone, you know, in the future,” Werthmann said.

“My goal is just to bring some balance back to the leadership of our council,” Weld said. “I think that’s what the community is asking for. That’s all I’m hearing.”

The last time the seat for city council president was on a ballot was in 2017.

“When we look at how we make sure we’re a community that is lifting everyone up, whether it’s someone that’s sleeping on the street, whether it’s one of the 300 homeless children that we have in our community, we need to put in place policies that do that,” mentioned Werthmann. “I come back to the fact that we need to make sure that we bring more voices to the table that have traditionally been left out.”

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Werthmann and Weld agreed this election is less about them and more about Eau Claire as a whole.

“Continuing on with the steps we’ve taken so far, making sure that we’re cautious and we’re proactive and that we’re looking ahead and making sure that we’re not leaving anyone behind, and we’re making smart decisions,” added Weld. “This is what we’re there for, this is what we’re supposed to do, and I want to continue to push for that.”

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Both candidates told News 18 no matter the election results, they’ll continue to work toward Eau Claire’s fullest potential, whether through council or commission work.

Click here for election results at 8 p.m. Tuesday

Samantha Wensel

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