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‘Tis the Season: Road projects set to start in the Chippewa Valley

Eau Claire (WQOW) – We joke that Wisconsin doesn’t have a spring or summer, just construction season, but major road projects have to start sometime.

Cracks, bumps, potholes. Some of our daily commutes are filled with them, but soon Eau Claire officials say work will begin on our roads – hopefully making for a smoother ride.

“Ninety percent of our projects are brought forward to the city council because of the pavement condition or the utility condition,” said Eau Claire City Engineer Dave Solberg.

Eau Claire’s major road projects for the year include State Street, Forest Street and Eddy Lane among others.

“If we have a street with very poor pavement condition, that gets our attention right away to get included in our five-year plan,” Solberg said. “Sometimes we have streets that the pavement is okay, but the utilities, it has bad innards to the street, and we have to replace those utilities so we don’t have back-up.”

Solberg said if you think a street needs improving, you can tell city officials.

“We have a map on our website that shows the streets that we’re looking at in the next five years of doing work on, so if you have a pothole in front of your house, you may look at that to see if we’re doing that stretch of road in the next year or two,” he said.

Road work is expected to start in the coming months and will likely continue through December.

“We encourage the public to honor the detours, to not go into closed work zones, to do everything they can to let our contractors start and finish the work,” Solberg said. “That’ll ensure a safer project and a more timely completion of projects.”

Other projects include a portion of Lake Street to Dewey Street in downtown Eau Claire, Melby Street and continued work on Interstate 94 through Dunn County.

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Samantha Wensel

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