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Melting ice and snow reveals roadkill in Eau Claire County

Eau Claire (WQOW) — As temperatures warm and winter melts away, roadkill that was previously covered by snow and ice has now surfaced.

Eau Claire County Highway Commissioner Jon Johnson said this spring is revealing a higher-than-normal amount of roadkill. He said animals are also coming out in greater numbers than usual due to the severity of last winter.

“What we have is two things happening. I think there’s a lot of deer showing up from the snow melting, which you can tell, but we’re also seeing a lot of deer moving. Now that the snow is melted, we see a lot of deer coming out of the woods and into the field area so there are some deer moving around,” Johnson said.

Johnson said with the significant number of deer out looking for food, collisions with cars are bound to happen.
He recommends you use caution while driving this spring.

Abbie Knepper

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