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Last Call: Friday final day to vote early before Tuesday’s election

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Friday is the last day to cast your ballot before next week’s election.

Statewide, voters will pick a new Supreme Court justice.

In Eau Claire, voters will fill five city council seats, city council president and school board members.

Eau Claire Election Specialist Cindy Anderson said about 900 people voted early in the city.

She said that falls into their average. Usually about 500 to 1,000 people cast absentee ballots at city hall.

Overall, more and more people are taking advantage of voting early.

“Some people don’t like the lines on election day, maybe they’re doing other things on election day,” Anderson said. “They want to be sure they can get down here and vote.”

Anderson excepts 35 to 40 percent voter turnout for the April 2 election. You can register to vote on election day if you have a Wisconsin ID and the right proof or residence documents.

More voting information: Click here


Shannon Satterlee

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