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Student of the Month: Darton Weaver

Eau Claire (WQOW) – You’ll usually find News 18’s Student of the Month for March behind the camera.

Eau Claire North High School senior, Darton Weaver is already making a name for himself in his future career by finding his passion while taking a hands on entertainment technology class.

“I found a love for working with cameras, working with videography,” said Weaver, “but found was work wasn’t suited for doing computer type stuff so I found more passion in doing content creation and video creation for North and it caught on pretty big, pretty fast with the videos I was doing.”

One of his first videos featured both North High School and Memorial High School’s boys and girls basketball teams highlighting what the energy is like during the rivalry games.

“Then in the end I was making videos for both schools to bring together more of a culture or a family between North and Memorial as one Eau Claire family.”

That first video was trending in Wisconsin and on national pages for weeks.

Since then, Darton has taken on a job with Adidas traveling with teams throughout the United States.

“I do full-time videography work, documenting everything from getting on the buses, getting bags, clothing, sponsorship, whatever else, whatever we can do to prepare these players to go into the NCAA.”

Did we mention he’s still in school?

“I really try to make use of every minute of every day to do as much as possible.”

Darton believes the programs he’s been able to learn from at North put students like him ahead of the curve.

“These [programs] are used in bigger stadiums like the U of M stadium, Augsburg has it, Iowa has it, Wisconsin has it. Having these skill sets early on prepares them to get right into those jobs and internships going into the post secondary.”

He encourages anyone who is looking for a reason to start to go out and do it. While his list of accomplishments is long, he has some advice.

“Whatever stage of the journey you are in, whether you start tomorrow or you’re midway through: push it.”




Katie Phernetton

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