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Eau Claire City Council President financial race shows Weld spending more than Werthmann

Eau Claire (WQOW) – We’re less than a week away from the spring election and Eau Claire City Council Presidential candidates are on their final push ahead of the polls opening Tuesday.

After sifting through the data, it’s clear current city council member Terry Weld has received and spent more money, but Acting-President Andrew Werthmann has gotten donations from twice as many sources.

Here are the numbers.

Donors gave Weld more than $25,000, where Werthmann has raised over $19,000. As of March 18, Weld’s campaign dropped $17,000 on TV and print advertisement, yard signs and other print items. Werthmann has spent just shy of $10,000, mostly on signs and postcards.

Support for the two candidates runs all across Eau Claire. Werthmann has received donations from more than 300 people, with an average donation of $45. Meanwhile, Weld has seen roughly half that many contributions at a much higher price.

Werthmann has seen notable endorsements from Senator Jeff Smith, State Representative Jodi Emerson and Eau Claire School Board President Joe Luginbill.

News 18 spoke with both candidates on how campaign dollars may persuade voters.

“My hope is that even though I didn’t have the money to put up a flashy TV ad, you know, folks have definitely seen me in the community and know where I stand,” Werthmann said.

Meanwhile, Weld is being back by former Eau Claire City Council President Kerry Kincaid who donated the contribution maximum. His sights are set on taking the top spot.

“You know, I think more and more people are supporting what I’m hoping to bring, and that’s a non-partisan leadership to our council,” Weld said.

Weld and Werthmann said they’ll be hard at work canvassing ahead of Tuesday trying to pull in as many last minute voters as possible.

Remember, polls open at 8 a.m. Tuesday April 2.

Early voting ends this Friday.

Justin Esterly

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