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Students compete in Wisconsin Science Olympiad at UW-Stout

Menomonie (WQOW) — Hundreds of students from all across the state were at the University of Wisconsin-Stout Saturday, to test their knowledge on a variety of science topics.

At the Wisconsin Science Olympiad, teams of students took multiple tests prepared by experts in various fields  of science, including fossils and the solar system, to show how much they know, and hopefully interest them in learning more down the road. Students were able to choose which topics they felt proficient in, to compete for the best score overall.

The Meteorology test was prepared by Justin Loew, the chief meteorologist at News 18’s sister station in Wausau.

“The ultimate goal is to get kids interested in science, to find our sharpest, new generation of scientists that will be fulfilling all the careers that are needed in STEM fields,” said Loew. “This is really just a fun time for them to test their own ability.”

Not every test was done in a classroom either. Depending on the topic, some teams were outside, or even had to build something.

If students scored well enough at this state competition, they could move on to the national competition in New York.

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