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Eau Claire Co. deputies cleared in August shooting of Reese Diesterheft

Eau Claire County (WQOW) – Two Eau Claire County deputies have been cleared of any wrongdoing following a shooting last fall.

According to documents from Eau Claire County District Attorney Gary King, Deputy James Haworth and Deputy Dan Eaton were both justified in their actions of shooting Reese Diesterhaft on August 7 in the town of Brunswick.

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According to the documents, Diesterhaft has two warrants out for his arrest on August 7 when he led police on a chase and ultimately pointed a rifle at them.

That is when Haworth and Eaton open fired, hitting Diesterhaft several times.

Haworth said he fired his gun when he saw Diesterhaft pointing a rifle at him. He said he feared for his safety and said he needed to stop the threat before he was shot. He estimated he shot four to six times total.

Eaton said he was driving when he saw Diesterhaft get out of his vehicle with a gun. He thought Diesterhaft pointed the gun at him so he shot at him through his windshield.

The same day of the shooting, Diesterhaft was interviewed at the hospital. He said he was on the run from South Dakota and he did “just wanted to die,” so he did “something stupid to get the cops called on me.”

Diesterhaft told investigators, “I figured if I held the gun up to the cops that they would shoot me in the head.” He also admitted to stealing the gun and using marijuana and meth.

Gary King said the officers were justified in their actions because Diesterhaft disobeyed commands when confronted, told authorities he wanted to be shot and caused law enforcement to fear for their lives among other findings.

You can read the entire report below

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