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Student of the Month: Madison Etzel

Eau Claire (WQOW) — Each month News 18 features a student in the area as our “Student of the Month.” For February, Eau Claire Memorial High School senior, Madison Etzel was chosen for her drive and determination among her successes.

“I do work hard and sometimes I don’t always get the outcomes that I want but I always work hard,” says senior, Madison Etzel.

Active in tennis and soccer, Madison set a goal for herself as a freshman playing junior varsity tennis: to make it to state.

“I sat down with my parents and I was like I want to make it to state, the team is really fun, they’re all super supportive and I want to be a part of that,” said Etzel.

After that moment she scheduled lessons, signed up for tournaments and worked hard to make that dream a reality her sophomore and senior years.

But besides her success on the tennis court, the soccer field and in the classroom one of her favorite activities has been being a part of the student council running the community outreach branch.

She says being a part of this has given her an opportunity to work hands on with the community. One event that sticks out to Madison was for the Apple Pregnancy Care Center.

“We collected hundreds of items to donate and we ended up donating 5 full cargo boxes worth of things that they could use and that was really awesome.”

Looking ahead, Madison is looking to study out of state but her grit and ambition is keeping her open minded about the future.

“Well honestly your guess is as good as mine. I don’t have a specific place in mind. I have a lot of options and I’m kind of indecisive so we’ll see where that takes me.”

But whatever she plans for next, she feels like the halls of Memorial High School have prepared her to tackle the next chapter.

“I’m definitely ready to move on. I love Memorial but it’s definitely time for me. And I feel ready.”


Katie Phernetton

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