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Eau Claire is closing in on its snowiest month ever recorded

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Eau Claire is under two inches shy of the all-time record for the snowiest month ever… and there are eight days left of February, along with more snow on the way.

By Wednesday evening, Eau Claire had recorded 33.7 inches of snow since February 1. That makes this month the second-snowiest ever, behind the 35.3 inches that fell in January 1929.

The National Weather Service (NWS) relies on partnerships with certified spotters in their forecast area to get the most accurate observation data after severe weather hits.

WQOW News 18 is the official snowfall climate site for Eau Claire and provides a specific measurement four times a day that is recorded in the official climate log for the city.

For every snow event, the Stormtracker 18 Weather team places a flat board out on the ground and measures the amount of snow accumulation on the board before each climate report is due. Then we clear the board and place it on top of the snow in order to get an accurate reading the next time it starts falling.

The snow also collects in a large metal container, eight inches in diameter. During measurements we melt down the snow inside and measure how much liquid the snow equates to. This allows us to gauge how much water content actually fell across the area and helps the NWS determine snowfall ratios in comparison to other reports near Eau Claire.

Justin Esterly

Justin Esterly is our Daybreak meteorologist. Justin joined WQOW News 18 in May 2018.

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