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Rep. Ron Kind weighs in on national emergency declaration during stop in Eau Claire

Eau Claire (WQOW) – U.S. Representative Ron Kind discussed Congress’ options in terms of President Trump’s national emergency declaration when he toured Lazy Monk Brewing.

Kind was in town Tuesday promoting his bill to extend tax breaks to small craft breweries.

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Congress can overturn President Trump’s declaration if both The House and The Senate vote on a resolution to terminate the National Emergency Declaration. That would need either the President’s signature, or a two-thirds majority vote to override his veto. PBS has reported there are enough votes to pass the resolution once congress is back in session but not enough to survive a veto.

Kind said he’d support the resolution to block the declaration. “It’s a gross overreach. He is literally bypassing Congress who has the constitutional authority to appropriate money,” Kind said. “And more importantly it’s a bad precedent, because future presidents now, if he gets away with this, can declare a national emergency for any cause.”

Kind said the president’s declaration is distracting Congress from pushing more important bills through The House. He hopes President Trump reconsiders and works with Congress to find a better fix for the immigration system.

Justin Esterly

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