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Tips for your furry friends during winter months

Marathon County (WAOW) — If you’re a pet owner, the cold snap could have an impact on your furry friend.

Experts encourage you to avoid taking your pet on frozen ice, lakes and ponds. They also said to make sure your animals have recently been to the vet so you know their up-to-date health.

If you have a young, old or sick pet, you’re encouraged to use extra precaution before heading out the door with them.

“So maybe that means a shorter trip outside, maybe that means getting booties, maybe that means putting a jacket on,” Lisa Leitermann, Executive Director of the Marathon County Humane Society said.

Leitermann said it’s a good idea to wipe off your pet’s paws when coming in from outside, which will help prevent icicles from forming.

She also recommended just keeping your pet at home, rather than taking them in your car with you, in case you’re stuck in winter conditions without any heat.

These tips aren’t just for cats and dogs, but for your livestock as well.

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