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‘Stop The Bleed’ training prepares school staff for emergencies

Eau Claire (WQOW) — In an emergency, you might not always know what to do, but Monday, staff at Regis Schools learned more to help their students before paramedics respond.

Regis staff became part of the “Stop The Bleed” campaign, a national call-to-action, encouraging bystanders to learn how to help in an emergency.

“Think of it as, like CPR. We want to have these skills be given to anybody because accidents happen anytime, no matter where,” said Jill Albright, a trauma nurse with Mayo Clinic Health System. “Just being able to recognize life-threatening bleeding and being able to know what to do before our emergency response gets there, are key things.”

They also hope “Stop The Bleed” kits would become more prevalent. They would contain gauze, tourniquets and other first aid supplies.

“All businesses and all schools really should be part of trainings like this, like you do CPR training,” said Regis Schools Principal, Paul Pedersen. “Stop the Bleed training is one of those medical situations where you just want to make sure every employee feels comfortable and confident about how they’re going to respond.”

Officials from Mayo Clinic Health System showed staff how to use a tourniquet, properly pack gauze and apply pressure to stop bleeding. Regis school officials told News 18 they’re better prepared with this training, in case the unthinkable happens.

“This is stuff we would hope to never have to use,” said Pedersen. “It’s good to know, and good for staff to feel very confident in knowing how they would respond, but again, you’re correct, in no way, shape or form do we want this to ever happen.”

You can find more information about the “Stop the Bleed” campaign here.

If you’re interested in organizing a training session, you can contact Kimberly Strasburg, from Mayo Clinic, by email or phone: 715-838-3180.


Samantha Wensel

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