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Platteville officer to adopt kitten after rescuing it from bitter cold

Platteville (WKOW) — A tiny kitten is putting the Platteville Police Department on the social media map.

As of Monday morning, a post from the department Sunday night has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

According to the post, Platteville Officer Matt Froiseth was checking out the supermoon Sunday night near Highway 151 when he heard a kitten meowing loudly for help in the cold. He found the little one in a ditch that had drifted over with about three feet of snow. The kitten was stuck in the snow and rocks, according to the post.

This all happened in sub-zero temperatures Sunday, so Froiseth brought the kitten back to his warm squad car and it never left his side after that.

The initial post said the kitten would be sent to a veterinarian then put up for adoption, but… photos of the pair show it was truly love at first sight.

Monday morning, the police department updated the post, saying Froiseth couldn’t say no and decided to adopt the little kitty himself.

Commenters on Facebook are suggesting the officer should name the kitten ‘Moon’.

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