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Local Republican lawmakers present plan to lower taxes for middle class Wisconsinites

Altoona (WQOW) – State lawmakers in both parties agree over cutting taxes for middle class families but disagree about how to do it.

Thursday in Altoona, local representatives laid out the GOP’s plan.

They want to tap into a nearly $600-million budget surplus to fund the proposed tax cut.

It includes a 10-percent cut for families that make $150,000 or less and for individuals who make $100,000 or under.

Representative Romaine Quinn said people who make between $30,000-$40,000 a year filing together will see a large reduction.

“We know we can work together, and here is a perfect example of that, so we are going to do exactly what Tony Evers promised in his campaign, and we are going to do it together,” Quinn said. “There are Republicans that would like to see a cut across the board, you know, a simpler, lower, burden. We understand that we in a divided government and we want to pass things that will pass and we can agree any tax reduction on the middle class is a good thing. We are meeting exactly what he mentioned on the campaign trail in terms of the amount of income on those filers and I think that is something he should be able to agree with since that’s what he asked for.”

Governor Evers’ office commented on the plan saying it falls short of what the governor wants to do.


Lindsey Ford

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