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Good Samaritans speak on helping Jayme Closs to Safety

Gordon, Wis. (WQOW) — Jayme Closs has returned to the arms of her family, and she had some help from a few Good Samaritans.

The people Jayme found after making her escape shared their accounts of this incredible story.

It was Thursday evening that Jayme found a woman, from right here in Eau Claire, who was walking her dog near the cabin she owns in Gordon.

“I just happen to be there, and she found me, and that was good,” said Jeanne Nutter. “I’m just very happy she’s home, that’s really all that matters.”

Nutter recognized Jayme immediately and said Jayme was in a baggy sweatshirt and wearing shoes that weren’t hers. Nutter then helped Jayme to home for more help. This was just four houses down from where Jake Patterson had allegedly held Jayme hostage.

“When the door opened up and her dog came through and Jeanne walked in and said this is Jayme Closs call 911. I was in absolute shock,” said Peter Kasniskas.

“I absolutely knew it was her. We’ve seen her picture a million times around here,” added Kristin Kasniskas. “She looked exactly the same as she did in her picture. A little bit thinner, I would say and she looked really tired. Like she’s been fighting a battle for weeks.”

Nutter and the Kasniskas were able to get the name of Jayme’s captor and his vehicle description, and called police. As News 18 reported, Patterson was arrested just 11 minutes later.

Despite much television coverage, signs and posters across the nation, they say Jayme has no idea so many people were searching for her.

Samantha Wensel

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