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01/08: “Exploring America” Aims to Show Viewers What America is Like

Eau Claire (EXPLORING AMERICA)- Hosts and producers from the TV show “Exploring America” stopped by to talk about the show and what they aim to show for their viewers.

The show, “Exploring America,” is being aired on KDRTV in four countries in East Africa and YouTube in America. The premise of the show is education and infrastructure, displaying America from Coast to Coast. The focus is on showing what America is truly like and working to eliminate the stereotype, even at home, that America is like “Friends” or “Seinfeld.” Their goal is to let our viewers see how Americans work, what they eat, what they see, how Americans operate/transport, and how they play. It’s educational and goes behind the scenes to educate those overseas, including adults and children in America.

It started in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chippewa Valley. They have a 6 season, 180 episode contract. This begins airing in late spring/early summer 2019.

The interest started with Scot Vaver’s involvement with YALI (Young African Leadership Initiative), a Fellowship Program started by former President Obama. He has made several trips to East Africa and developed relationships based on learning and knowledge sharing. Africans admire Americans and how they conduct their daily lives. Africans crave new knowledge and education. The program is conducted on a level that would interest those in America too with no real limit on the age demographic given the topics.

The first episode was filmed at WQOW, detailing how America news and American TV work. They will also film episodes at the University of Wisconsin – Stout (Dale and Dom’s Alma mater), Greenwood, WI (Maple Syrup farm) and Madison, WI (Making cheese, cow to curd) before we venture out across America.


Clarissa Tedrowe

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