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FAKE NEWS: Viral story about farmer’s sexual injury from calf isn’t real

Eau Claire (WQOW) — A story is circulating around social media that an Eau Claire farmer had his genitals severed by a cow. But it’s a hoax.

The post has been seen on Facebook for the last few days, citing an anonymous “ambulance spokesman”. But News 18 talked to officials at the Eau Claire Fire Department, and they say they’re not aware of any such incident.

However, before even talking to officials, there’s evidence the story isn’t legitimate. The viral story was posted on a site called “CBS 15”; but that’s not a station, nor an affiliate of CBS News. The site itself was only registered a few days ago. In fact, the firmware at WQOW wouldn’t even let us access it because it could contain malware. Fake news identifier Lead Stories also confirmed the site isn’t real.

The Newseum Institute has a whole page dedicated to helping you spot fake news. You can access it here.

Savanna Tomei

Savanna is the 6 p.m. producer and co-anchor, and also anchors the 10 p.m. newscast.

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