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Student of the Month: Sam Rechek

Eau Claire (WQOW) – “A passion for learning, that is one of my gifts,” says News 18’s Student of the Month for December, Sam Rechek.

Sam credits his passion for learning to his academic success throughout his years at Memorial High School.

“Knowing how to learn and how to love learning is something that I both had in me genetically from both my parents and was taught through the upbringing that I had received.”

That love for learning has paid off in his academics but has also opened up his curiosity into politics and government.

“I discovered that government and politics was something that I was really, really interested in. I’m not sure yet if that would be an interest in participating in politics or just studying politics.”

That interest sparked his involvement in the midterm election this past November. Volunteering his time to make sure people got to the polls.

“I’d really like to make an impactful difference, whether it’s observable or not that matters little but I would like to actually make change. Make the changes in the world that I’d like to see.”

With his advance placement classes, his time outside of the classroom involves a lot of studying, but he still has time to play tennis, teach younger kids the sport and hang out with his friends.

As a senior, we asked what advice he’d give to students coming into high school, and one thing he’d remember from his time here, a phrase from one of his teacher’s classrooms stuck out in his memory.

“One of my teachers, Mr. Glassmer, had a poster in his room that said ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’ And I think that is an idea that high schoolers can keep in mind not just through high school but life in general, that hard work is going to trump all things in the end.”

Sam’s plans for the rest of the year are to work hard and hopefully have a successful tennis season. He hopes to attend the University of Chicago and study whatever interests him the most — whatever they may be.


Katie Phernetton

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