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12/14: Tandem Mentorship Program

Chippewa Valley (TANDEM)- A brand new mentorship program is looking for help getting off the ground. It’s called The Tandem Mentorship Program.

This program is a faith based mentoring program for the youth facing adversity in the Chippewa Valley and the greater surrounding areas. They pair Christ-centered mentors up with teens ages 11-18 in the community and with all ages in school. This will be held at the Lodge. They plan to create a place for those in a mentoring relationship to hang out and participate in our programming that we offer such as automotive maintenance, yoga, fitness, art, cooking and more.

In order to make this Lodge a fun place for people to hangout we are urgently seeking donations. They have a wishlist on thier website that you can view to see if you have any of the items gently used that you could donate or if you’d like to purchase you could. They are looking to raise $10,000 and would appreciate at monetary donations as well.

For more information, you can visit their website at
You can also watch an informative visit by clicking here and watch the video above.

Clarissa Tedrowe

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