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Officials discuss proposed Eau Claire chicken-keeping ordinance

Eau Claire (WQOW) – On Wednesday, The Eau Claire City-County Board of Health discussed the possibility of allowing people to raise chickens in their backyard.

To date, it’s illegal to raise chickens within Eau Claire city limits. The proposed Poultry Keeping Ordinance would allow city residents to raise up to 5 hens in their backyard per year for harvesting eggs.

Staff from the City-County Health Department discussed health aspects, like how to raise the hens responsibly. The goal is to allow people the freedom to raise their own food, safely and affordably.

“I think it’s important as a community that and especially with our culture here in the city that we have that connection to our own food and to grow our food,” said Acting City Council President Andrew Werthmann. “Everything is going up, so anything we can do help to alleviate that, and this is another one of those things.”

The hens could be used for meat, but again, only 5 per year.

On November 26, there will be a public hearing where residents will be able to voice their own opinion; the city will vote the next day.



Lindsey Ford

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