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Neighboring teachers step up during funerals for Girl Scouts killed

Altoona (WQOW)- Neighboring school districts are doing whatever they can to help out during this sad time for students and staff in Chippewa Falls.

Many teachers have stepped up to fill in, so Chippewa Falls staff can attend the funerals.

Altoona Interim Superintendent Ronald Walsh said about half a dozen staffers will cover classes for some Chippewa Falls teachers Friday.

He said they’ll also send guidance councilors to help in any way they can.

“It’s the human thing to do,” Walsh said. “Somebody’s in trouble and you’re a neighbor and you want to help, and if something like that ever happened, you may need help someday too, but more importantly it’s the right thing to do. Just to help people in need.”

Altoona staff are only needed Friday, because so many other teachers from other districts volunteered to help during Thursday’s funerals.


Shannon Satterlee

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