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Pence holds fundraiser for Walker, promotes accomplishments of GOP

Eau Claire (WQOW) – We are just 27 days away from voters heading to the polls in the November election.

Wednesday, Governor Scott Walker called in an old friend to continue to sway voters with Vice President Mike Pence holding a fundraiser for Walker in Eau Claire.

The event at Precision Pipeline was dual purpose – both as a rally for support and as a fundraiser for the governor’s re-election campaign. That means people had to pay to get in. News 18 asked multiple officials for that cost but did not hear back.

During his speech, Pence touched on a number of issues, but the common theme persisted – Governor Walker’s reforms and agenda are working in Wisconsin and he cautioned the crowd that a change in leadership could put Wisconsin on a backslide.

“If you have a choice between a governor with a proven record of results, with a foundation of common sense conservative principals put into practice, you have an opportunity to reelect a team – him and his wonderful lieutenant governor, or we can head back in the other direction starting with the state house here in Wisconsin. That’s the choice that you have,” Pence told the crowd of supporters.

Another topics the vice president touched on include Foxconn, the Kavanaugh confirmation process and President Trump’s accomplishments. He also said the president will be coming to Wisconsin in the coming days but did not go into detail.

The latest polls show the governor’s race as a toss up. Governor Walker has spent the last year warning of a “blue wave” coming to Wisconsin.

Despite recent gains in poll numbers, Walker is still calling himself the underdog on November 6.

“You being here tonight helps us get our message out, not just with your financial support but we hope you’ll tell your neighbors, tell your friends, tell the people you work with, worship with, tell people even that you’re standing in line with at the grocery store, picking up something at Kwik Trip or wherever you shop along the way, tell the message of how things were before and where they’re at now,” Walker said.

Governor Walker said his administration has a positive message to share and it’s important they do that. They are certainly achieving that goal in campaign ads. An ad tracking firm Kantar Media released a report that shows Republican outside groups have out-spent their Democratic counterparts 2-1.

Stephen Kelley

Stephen Kelley joined the News 18 team in August 2006. He is currently the Executive Producer.

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