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Documentary team highlights Eau Claire’s arts culture

Eau Claire (WQOW) — Throughout its history, Eau Claire has made a name for itself, first for its lumber and fur trade and now for its value on music and the arts. A new documentary is in the works about the city and its current culture.

News 18 tagged along with the team, and we asked why they picked Eau Claire to be their focus.

“In the places we’ve been and lived, we’re always looking for places to fill the role that Eau Claire did,” said documentary director and producer Jared Choate. “This is just us, this is our project, we’ve taken our resources and we just want to let Eau Claire, tell Eau Claire’s story.”

Now the team wants, not only those in the City of Clear Water, but the world to see that story.

“We see the beautiful connections that people make with each other, especially within the arts and the music community, and we wanted to showcase that,” said documentary producer Kelly Choate.

Nick Houchin, their director of photography agreed, “For me, I guess this project encompasses what this city is all about.”

The Choate’s came from San Francisco to revisit their Eau Claire roots.

“The passing hellos, the passing greetings from everybody, the openheartedness, the community, all the reasons we’re so happy to be here and come back, and the reasons we love it,” said Jared.

The team told News 18 they’re excited to show off the city they all love.

“Some of the people that we’ve talked to and interviewed, they just have so much to say, and their energy and willingness to help on this, we’ve been really humbled by all of it,” said Kelly.

“Eau Claire is growing, and I think it’s the next big place to be as far as the arts is concerned,” said Houchin.

The Choate’s also said they don’t have an official released date for the untitled documentary, but they do hope to wrap it up within a year.

Samantha Wensel

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