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Monroe Co. couple accused of locking kids in cages

Monroe County (WXOW) — A Monroe County couple charged with nine counts of child abuse – including allegedly keeping several children in makeshift cages at their home – made an appearance in court Thursday.

Both Amy and Travis Headrick appeared, although their official initial appearance was delayed to give them time to find counsel. They are out on $20,000 bond. Their case will get handled by the same judge hearing subsequent Child in Need of Protection, better known as CHIPS, cases.

The criminal complaint alleges the two held adopted children in cages made out of a livestock trough, or fashioned from wooden two-by-fours. In the complaint, one of the children alleges that their parents used the foster care system for money and in previous alleged incidents, that the children were coached and even threatened into lying for the couple.

In the complaint, the Headricks defended their use of the makeshift cages, saying it was “for the childrens’ safety”.

The Headricks are still out on bond, although the parties who reported the abuse were added to the no contact stipulation of that bond. Their initial appearance with new council will be September 24 at 9 a.m.

WQOW Staff

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