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Marathon man killed trying to help motorist with flat tire

ROTHSCHILD, Wis. (WAOW) – A 62-year-old semi-truck driver from Marathon was run over after stopping to help another man fix a flat tire on Interstate 39, the Wisconsin State Patrol said Wednesday.

Randal Landwehr was killed about 7:15 p.m. Tuesday as he walked back to his truck to retrieve some tools to help a man from Bessmer, Mich., change a tire on the driver side rear axle of a camper trailer in the southbound lane, the State Patrol said.

Landwehr was hit by a truck driven by a 53-year-old Mosinee man and alcohol was involved, investigators said.

The tragedy near Rothschild renews questions about what to do when drivers need help on the highway.

Most of us have seen a situation where a vehicle is pulled off onto the shoulder on the interstate because of trouble, such as a flat tire.

Wisconsin State Patrol Captain Adrian Logan advises drivers what to do because other drivers just zoom past with out any notion of how dangerous the situation is.

“I think … we want people to stop and be good Samaritans. However, you should give us a 911 non-emergency call; we will come out and provide life protection,” Logan said.

Captain Logan emphasizes that if you need to get out of your car, look very carefully before stepping out and then make your way towards the passenger side.

In Wisconsin, the ‘slow down or move over’ law has been in effect for the past eight years so tragedies such as Tuesday night’s can be avoided.

No charges were filed in the crash Wednesday, as the State Patrol reported any enforcement action remained under investigation.

WQOW Staff

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