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Pros recommend you keep your child rear facing in the car up to age 4

(WQOW)- The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated it’s recommendations when it comes to your child’s car seat.

The AAP recommends children should ride in a rear-facing car seat as long as possible.

The old recommendation was up until the age of two, but now they’re saying to keep your child in their car seat up to the weight limit of their safety seat.

This could mean your child could be rear facing up to the age of four.

The common argument against this recommendation is older kids won’t have a place to put their legs,
so we asked what happens if the kid’s legs are too long and they have to sit with their legs crossed?

“When weighing the risks and benefits of an injury that a child could sustain, having them remain rear facing as long as the seat is safe for them to do, and them having an injury to their leg is much less dangerous then having them forward facing too soon where they could have an injury to their brain or spinal cord, (that) could be a fatal injury,” said Pam Johnson, a registered nurse at Mayo Clinic Health System.

Once your child isn’t rear facing anymore, it’s recommended they remain in a forward-facing safety seat up to that seat’s weight and length limits.

For more information on the American Pediatrics Association’s recommendations click here. 

Shannon Satterlee

Shannon Satterlee joined News 18 in February 2018 as a Multi-Media Journalist.

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