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Storm leaves trees uprooted, damage to some buildings in Eau Claire

Eau Claire (WQOW)- Clean up was underway Tuesday after Monday night’s storm brought down power lines, tree limbs and even trees. 

Around Eau Claire’s Third Ward Neighborhood, residents were helping each other clean up small limbs and a small tree that went down. 

The storm did much more than that though, over at Biesterveld and Spies Accounting on Altoona Avenue in Eau Claire. Two big trees were pulled up by their roots and landed on the building and a neighboring rental home. 

"My truck usually sits right in the corner of the parking lot and there were two large branches and one tree that was down right in that corner, so I’m glad nobody was here and it wasn’t damaged," Rodger Biesterveld said.

Biesterveld said he was surprised to see both of the trees come down, and said they’ve had storm damage in the past, but nothing like this. 

He said he’s happy there’s no major damage done to the roofs. 


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