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Brand new Southview Elementary School playground vandalized with graffiti

Chippewa Falls (WQOW) — A Chippewa Falls elementary school is moving past recent vandalism to their new playground.

The barrier-free playground at Southview Elementary was just installed earlier this month. The vandalism seemed to have been cleaned up by the time News 18 was able to get video Tuesday. 

Southview Elementary Principal, Sara Denure, confirmed the new playground had been vandalized, but told News 18 she, and the rest of school staff want to move past the negative and look forward to the upcoming school year. She also said staff are very proud to have the accessible playground, and believe it will positively impact the 2018-2019 school year.

News 18 did reach out to the Chippewa Falls Police Department. Lt. Brian Micolichek said the school did not file a complaint, so the department does not have an official case for this incident, however, he believes this could be related to the other vandalism case in Chippewa Falls.


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