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91st Assembly District candidate makes final push ahead of primary

Eau Claire (WQOW) – The primary election is Tuesday and some Eau Claire candidates were out making their final push for votes Monday.

Jodi Emerson, a Democratic candidate for the 91st Assembly District, said Monday she went door-to-door to remind voters of Tuesday’s election. Emerson told News 18 this is important because it helps connect candidates to their voters, regardless of party.

"It’s also really important for us get out on as many doors as possible just to remind people that, yes, on August 14 we do have a primary," Emerson said. "This summer primary that we have is kind of slipping past people and there’s just way too many important elections for this to go past."

Emerson also said she recognizes she’s not the only one making this final push, since she is one of four other Democrats running for the 91st, along with Eric Larsen, Thomas Vue and Rich Postlewaite.

She said the day after all of the votes are tallied, it is time to get to work ahead of the regular election in November. 

"We are a Democratic Party and we’re picking our candidate tomorrow. The best thing that we can do to honor the ideals that America stands for, is to come together on the 15th then and work to get that person elected," Emerson said.

According to Emerson, the goal of these door-to-door campaigns is getting high voter turn out for Tuesday’s primary.

News 18 also caught up with Democratic candidate Eric Larsen, who said it’s a good field of candidates, so voters need to dig deeper. 

"Do your research, look us up, check out the websites. Find the candidate that is going to do the best job representing your interests in Madison," Larsen said. 

The 91st District race represent roughly half of Eau Claire County, and is currently held by Rep. Dana Wachs (D), who vacated the seat to run for governor. Candidates said it is a liberal leading voter-base, so they believe whoever wins the primary will win in November too. 

Vue and Postlewaite told News 18 they also had volunteers out Monday night.

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If you are unsure of where you can cast your ballot, click here to find your polling place. If you are unsure who will be on your ballot, click here to find a sample ballot. If you’d like more information on elections, click here


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