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“Fatal Four” hoping to make big impact this fall

Wisconsin football is returning four of its top five pass catchers from a year ago. Those four – A.J. Taylor, Danny Davis, Quintez Cephus and Kendric Pryor – are all hoping to kill it out there on the field this year.  So, they’ve dubbed themselves the ‘Fatal Four’.

"We all came up with it as a group," claims Davis. "But, a little fun thing we got. There’s more than four people.  We’ve got a whole receiving corps."

Pryor says he actually came up with the nickname.

"It was something that… we were walking, like, after one of the photo shoots, and I was just thinking in my head, ‘Aww yeah we could call it Fatal Four’," said Pryor.  "I didn’t any actually like put thought or time into the name."

"I don’t know about the nickname," says Cephus. "But it can stand for a bunch of guys making plays."

Cephus is certainly excited to be back out, making plays again after suffering a season-ending injury last year at Indiana.  Despite the fact he only played in nine games in 2018, he had the most receiving yards on the team behind only former Badger tight end Troy Fumagalli.

"Mentally and physically, I feel like I’m back to being you know, me. Q," says Cephus. "Being the guy that brings energy and, you know, helping out the team."

With so many hot targets, it’s likely the guys will share much of the load this season. But, they cheer on each other’s success.

"If Q makes a big play, I’ll try to be the first one to run over there and celebrate with them," said Pryor. "Or if AJ [makes a big play].  You know we’re always going to be happy [for each other]."

"We’re real tight," said Taylor.  "I mean, I’m close with all of them. We actually a couple times… they come play cards at my spot and lose but.. you know. It is what it is.  But no, we’re really close and we just really compete. That’s the biggest thing, we’re all competitors."

The ‘Fatal Four’ might have a few more years together. Cephus and Taylor are juniors, as is QB Alex Hornibrook.  Davis and Pryor are just sophomores.


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