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Automatic voter registration has bipartisan support in WI

Wisconsin (WQOW)- Some local candidates around western Wisconsin are supporting an easier way to register to vote.

Karen Voss, a volunteer for Chippewa Valley Votes, said right now 1.2 million eligible Wisconsin residents are not registered to vote. She said automatic voter registration would make it easier for them because they wouldn’t have to fill out any paperwork. 

Voss said the measure has received bipartisan support from Republican, Democrat and Green party candidates. 

She said if we had automatic voter registration there would be fewer errors and people wouldn’t have to search for required documents. 

"State agencies already have all of that information, and when you get a drivers license you have contact with other state agencies such as getting a hunting license," Voss said. "That information is collected, and it would be very simple to be able to link those data bases with the voter registration database, and that’s what we’re asking for."

Critics claim this would violate people’s privacy, but Voss said if someone doesn’t want to participate in automatic voter registration they can decline.

Right now, 12 states have automatic voter registration, and if Wisconsin decided to have it, Voss said it wouldn’t take long for it to start. 

Candidates who have pledged their support for automatic voter registration in Wisconsin:

    Charlene Warner, candidate for 93rd Assembly district
    Aaron Camacho, candidate for 31st Senate district
    Jeff Smith, candidate for 31st Senate district
    Jon W Schultz, candidate for 31st Senate district
    Jodi Emerson, candidate for 91st Assembly district
    Eric Larsen, candidate for 91st Assembly district
    John Calabrese, candidate for 29th Assembly district
    Wren Keturi, candidate for 67th Assembly district
    Wendy Sue Johnson, candidate for 68th Assembly district
    Tony Evers, candidate for Governor
    Kathleen Vinehout, candidate for Governor
    Mike McCabe, candidate for Governor
    Kelda Roys, candidate for Governor
    Robert Meyer, candidate for Governor
    Maggie Turnbull, candidate for Governor
    Josh Pade, candidate for Governor
    Arnie Enz, candidate for Governor


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