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Plymouth United Church of Christ almost rebuilt after devastating lightning fire

Eau Claire (WQOW)- Nearly two years after lightning struck the Plymouth United Church of Christ in Eau Claire, construction is almost finished. This time around they’re taking more precautions. 

David Huber, the pastor, said they didn’t have lightning rods on their old church, and said he’s not sure if it would’ve made a difference, because the storm was pretty bad. This time around, there will be lightning rods put up to protect the church. 

Huber said the church is almost finished with construction, and some members of the church have been given tours, and are happy with how it’s coming along. 

"The kitchen is about 50 percent bigger than the old one, maybe a bit more, they like that," Huber said. "They like the extra closet space that we have, the rooms are a little bigger so more usable for us, and for outside groups and really they just like everything. We come up with some beautiful design here and nice color scheme and everything works really well."

Huber said they’re hoping to have the church complete by the end of July, and have their first service there by mid-August. 


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