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Lt. Gov. Kleefisch reacts to Harley Davidson moving some production overseas

(WQOW)- Harley Davidson is being impacted by the trade war, and is moving some of it’s production overseas. 

Monday, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch was in Durand touring Eau Galle Cheese Factory as part of "Wisconsin Cheese Day," and News 18 sat down with her to talk about the tariff issues.

"We talked a little bit today during the tour about NAFTA  re-negotiating, we would like to see a speedy conclusion reached in NAFTA , because those re-negotiations allow both suppliers and customers to have some questions. I think the same can be said about tariffs. Whether it’s steel or aluminum or whether it’s any of our other products including AG products like dairy, we would just like a speedy conclusion to be reached," said Kleefisch. 

Wisconsin is the world’s largest producer of cranberries, responsible for half the world’s supply. 

Cranberries are also targeted in new E-U tariffs, and Europe is the largest export market for the fruits. 

Last year, the total value of European cranberry exports was nearly $130 million.

Experts said the EU wants to put the most pressure possible on President Trump and top leaders, by negatively impacting the home state of the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. 


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