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Rep. Ron Kind calls for changes to 2018 Farm Bill

Legislators in The House of Representatives are currently working on modifying the 2018 farm bill after failing to pass through the house last month.

Every five years the Agriculture and Nutrition Act, also known as the farm bill, must be reauthorized.

Legislating various Department of Agriculture programs, such as farm credits and crop insurance, local lawmakers want to ensure farmers receive a bill that looks out for hard-working Wisconsin families.

"The current farm bill in its current form is a bad bill," describes Representative Ron Kind of Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District, "I am trying to reshape it so that it’s actually a farm-bill working for family farmers and not special interests in Washington," Kind continues. 

The house rejected the $867 billion bill with every Democrat voting no. The bill was not only rejected by Democrats though, 30 Republicans also voted against it.

With the bipartisan opposition to the bill, lawmakers are currently working on ways to pinpoint the problem area and create a bill that will benefit family farms.

"We are loading up on huge tax-payer subsidies, going to large agro-business, it’s going to consolidate agriculture even more, it’s going to put the squeeze on our family farmers, drive up land-values and it’s not fiscally responsible," Kind added.

The current farm bill expires in September. Legislators in The house have until June 22 to reconsider the bill.

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