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Eat with the seasons

DURING THE SUMMER, Wisconsin farmers harvest a variety of fruits and vegetables for local markets. Beets, berries, squash, and sweet corn are just a few of the items in abundance at this time of year. Farmers let the crops they bring to market ripen naturally instead of forcing them to ripen through artificial means. As a result, the produce is as rich in flavor as it is in minerals and vitamins. A wide variety of nutrient-dense, local food is available to build healthy menus for your friends and family.

As an added benefit, produce is less expensive when it’s in season, and shopping locally allows you to learn when certain foods are at their peak.

Here are some of the options you may find at your local farmers market this summer:

JUNE • Asparagus • Blackberries • Cherries • Herbs • Peas • Potatoes • Rhubarb • Squash • Strawberries

JULY • Beans • Beets • Blackberries • Blueberries • Cantaloupe • Cherries • Cucumbers • Herbs • Nectarines • Peaches • Peppers • Potatoes • Raspberries • Squash

AUGUST • Apples • Asian pears • Beans • Beets • Blueberries • Cabbage • Cantaloupe • Cucumbers • Eggplant • Herbs • Nectarines • Peaches • Raspberries • Tomatoes • Watermelon


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