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Jefferson Award Winner: Roderick Zachary

Chetek (WQOW) – Roderick Zachary has spent more than 50 years as a volunteer for two different organizations, and shows no signs of stopping. His commitment has earned him the Jefferson Award for the month of May.Now approaching 90, Zachary, of Chetek, has spent his lifetime in service."It just comes natural, I guess. This was my hobby," Zachary said. "What else to do?"His dedication to others started with wanting to get to know his neighbors. "It’s kind of camaraderie," Zachary said. "For one thing, when I first moved to Chetek, I knew a lot of the farmers. I guess it was one way to get acquainted with the people in town here that I wouldn’t have known otherwise."He’s spent more than 60 years as a volunteer with the Lions Club, and nearly as long with the Boy Scouts."Both of my sons were Eagle Scouts," Zachary said. "It was just a chance to guide the boys."When this former veterinarian stopped making house calls, he knew he didn’t want to stay at his house. So, he started helping out at the Chetek Food Shelf."(I) go to Rice lake once a month and a semi comes in," Zachary said. "So, I haul the food here."Even at 89, he’s still slinging boxes and unloading the truck – even if it takes a bit longer than it used to."Yea, I’m slowing down," he said.However, nobody can blame him after a lifetime of helping and humility."You get to meet people," Zachary said. "It’s a thing to do, camaraderie."Zachary said he never had a desire to travel, so he wanted to spend his time making his home seem like a destination.If you want to nominate someone for a Jefferson Award, click here. 


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