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Jefferson Award Winner: Randy Walker

Chippewa Falls (WQOW) – Randy Walker retired a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped working. Three nights a week, his coffeehouse provides a free meal to the needy and homeless in our area. His work has earned him April’s Jefferson Award. Walker knows a little music, a good meal and some camaraderie is good for the soul."I just enjoy getting up and preparing a meal, serving people and just seeing people have a good time enjoying a meal together," Walker said.At first, the Barnabas Coffee House in downtown Chippewa Falls offered music and a place to hang out. However, for the last four years, they’ve been offering a free meal for those in need and some food in their stomachs."There was a need," Walker said. "There were people that just needed a place to come and have a good meal and have fellowship and enjoy each other."All the money for the meal is donated and groups volunteer to serve the sustenance, but it’s Randy working the long hours to make it all happen."I never know what I’m going to cook until the day I get here," he said while chuckling.Walker’s generosity cannot be contained on a plate. He helps distribute donated clothing, and even let a homeless man live with him for a year because he had nowhere else to go."I think that humans need to be able to feel like they’re valuable and important and need to help people out," Walker said. "I think there is just something in us that we need to do that."The coffee house is part of Barnabas Ministries, and all funded by donations.If you want to contribute to the cause, click here. If you want to nominate someone for a Jefferson Award, click here. 


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