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Spare some time: the secret to achieving fulfillment may be as simple as devoting a few hours to someone else

When you volunteer, you not only help your fellow community members—you also learn new skills, meet new people, and enjoy the mood-boosting gratification that comes from making a difference. In fact, volunteering on a regular basis can reduce your chances of developing depression and even improve your overall mind-body health.

“Volunteering gives you a sense of value and worth, and it widens your social circle, so you gain exposure to different ideas and perspectives,” says Jan Giedd, President of the Partners of HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital. “Staying active, widening your social circle, doing things you enjoy, and
feeling valued all contribute to good health.”


The Partners of HSHS St. Joseph’s volunteer organization offers a variety of opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to give back. For example,
members of the Partners of HSHS St. Joseph’s routinely serve on committees for fund-raisers and other events, teach babysitting classes, and knit caps for newborns. A similar organization at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, the Volunteer Partners of HSHS Sacred Heart, also offers opportunities to assist people in the community.

For more information about the L.E. Phillips Senior Center in Eau Claire, visit
For information about the senior center in Chippewa Falls, visit


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