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Jefferson Award Winner: Ardie Kelly

Eau Claire (WQOW)- Ardie Kelly of Eau Claire has been selected to receive the Jefferson Award for public service and she’s issuing a call to action. Ardie says she likes to keep busy and feels lucky that she’s able to help others but this boundless energy is nothing new. Over 20 years ago Ardie decided she wanted to volunteer at The Community Table so she began washing dishes on her lunch break. You can still find her there today, sleeves rolled up, making sandwiches for sack lunches or helping cook a hot meal. "I hear people say, ‘I don’t know what to do, or, I don’t like to sit at home.’ Well, get out!" said Ardie. "Look at the paper. Every once in a while there’s something in the paper. It lists all the volunteer things. Or call the library or call different organizations and find out what you can do. Don’t sit and watch TV all the time."She gives her time to many other organizations. For just about 20 years now she’s been a volunteer at Bethesda Thrift Shop and she’s a long time volunteer at Beaver Creek, where she still helps with the annual plant sale. Congratulations Ardie! If you know a volunteer who deserves to be honored with the Jefferson Award nominate them by clicking here. 


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