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Jefferson Award Winner: Mik Devereaux

Altoona (WQOW)-  You’ll notice her sparkling smile first. Jefferson Award Winner Mik Devereaux may not look like a crime fighter but she is one. "I had started a neighborhood watch in my neighborhood and then it grew from there," explained Mik. Today, she is the board president for the newly formed Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers which is a volunteer, non-profit group. "Go after one thing that you’re passionate about," Mik advised. "Go to a meeting, talk to a friend, get a group together. So much change can happen even just from five people. I mean, our board for Crimes Stoppers is small, but we’re affecting a change in this community and it’s awesome." Change. That’s a word you’ll hear a lot around the Devereaux dinner table. This Altoona mom is constantly serving up lessons in confidence. "I want to instill values in them that they have the confidence to go out in the world and make a change," said Mik. It’s rare to catch Mik sitting down. Aside from serving as the board president for the Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers she also serves on the state board. She’s a citizen at-large for Altoona’s Planning Commission, Parks and Rec and the Personnel Committee. She is part of the Eau Claire Medical Reserves and serves on the board for AYSO, the American Youth Soccer Organization. In addition to all that, Mik is a volunteer with Girl Scouts and helped the Altoona Compassion Coalition get off the ground."The spark that gets me going? My kids," answered Mik, "I mean, at the end of the day, every decision I make is to make their world a better place." Mik has two biological children but she’s considered ‘Mom’ to many more. She and her husband have been foster parents for 10 years. "They leave and they take your heart with them, but, you gave them a good home while they were here and hopefully send them off to a better future."To nominate a volunteer you know for a Jefferson Award click here. 


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