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The ties that bind us to one another and to this place we share are stronger because we believe in certain things. Every life is a gift. Every person is a unity of body, mind, and spirit. Every one of us can offer compassion and give special attention to those of us who are in the greatest need.

At HSHS St. Joseph’s and Sacred Heart hospitals, we’re drawn to a different way of thinking. For us, healing, mission, caring, and compassion are intertwined. This is why we serve. Our founding Hospital Sisters instilled certain values that will never fade. Their dedication to the health and wellness
of the Chippewa Valley was felt more than 130 years ago and continues in our colleagues today.

This is why we serve.

We see you doing your part for our community, too. From caring for your family and neighbors to giving back to our schools, towns, and so much more—thank you for all that you do.

Tell us why you serve.

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