Neighbor helps man get out of sinkhole in Grant County

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Montfort (WKOW) –  A Grant County man is still shaken after his neighbor rescued him from a sinkhole that opened up in front of his garage.

Josh Crespo and Brandon Post were just going about their day on Tuesday.

That was until the ground opened up underneath Post and he called for help.

“I almost thought the kids down the street were just playing around, being goofy, just yelling stuff, so I kinda just ignored it at first,” Crespo said. “Then I started hearing it a lot more clear and I was like ‘That’s not right, there has to be something going on’.”

At first he didn’t even know there was a sink hole there, but upon further inspection, Crespo knew what he had to do.

“I ended up finding a chain nearby, so I wrapped the chain around his truck and handed it down to him and had to call 911 at the same time,” Crespo said.

Though he didn’t want to speak on camera, Post said once he got that chain he was able to breath a brief sigh of relief before going back to worrying about how he was going to get out.

Crespo said the next ten minutes spent waiting for first responders to arrive felt like an eternity.

“I just had to hang on to the chain and hang on to him and the truck at the same time,” Crespo said.”It just felt like we were all going to cave in together.”

Crespo said it took about 20 firefighters all working together to get Post out.

“Just pulled him out, it was slowly caving in and getting worse so we had no choice,”Crespo said.

The two men started off the day as complete strangers, now Post says he owes Crespo his life.

Crespo just hopes other in the town learn from his experience.

“Try to keep your ears open and don’t ignore if you think you’re hearing something,” Crespo said. “Just kinda go along with it and check it out cause it could be anything.”

Crespo says Montfort has a mining history and he thinks the sinkhole may have been caused by an old mine shaft.

WQOW Staff

WQOW Staff

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