Meth: A look at who uses, how and why

Eau Claire (WQOW)- While there is no set description for who uses meth, we do know who is more likely to use.

According to recent reports, 53 percent of meth users are male. The average age of meth users is 19.7, and 400 new people use meth every day in Wisconsin. The average of those users is 18.9-years-old.

As for how they use, 62 percent of users smoke it, 25 percent inject meth, eight percent inhale it and five percent turn to other options. The majority of people mix meth with other substances. Only 33 percent use meth alone; 29 percent mix it with alcohol, 36 percent use marijuana as well, and 28 percent of users do other drugs as well.

When it comes to why people use meth, many different reasons are reported. According to a recent Wisconsin Joint Methamphetamine Study, both men and women began using meth with friends in order to have more energy and “good times.” However, women were more likely to use meth for weight loss, to help with housework or to increase their confidence. Men reported using meth to get more work done or to have better sex. Another study found some meth users thought they were taking a different drug, usually cocaine.

That same report said users often had family members who have substance abuse problems. Additionally, many meth users reported being neglected or abused as children or adults. Female meth users reported higher rates of having felt unloved, sexually mistreated, raped, and physically or emotionally abused.

Kristen Shill

Kristen Shill

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