Leah Vukmir

Q. Most agree that higher education is key to having a strong country, yet in Wisconsin, the average student debt has skyrocketed in the last decade. The Institute for College Access & Success says it went up 74% from 2004-2014. What is the role of the federal government in ensuring that higher education is affordable and accessible?
The federal government has long played a part in the higher-education cartel that has resulted in skyrocketing tuition. First, we should allow state level accreditation of alternative post-secondary education opportunities so students can obtain federal loans and grants to attend those schools. More competition among colleges and universities will help lower prices. Second, we need to examine the student loan process which often leaves young people with massive debt but no job. Continuing to subsidize tuition has lead to massive inflation and we need to take a hard look at these programs, including allowing people to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy.

Q. How, in your desired role, would you help revitalize the economy, strengthen the middle class, create jobs and ensure fair taxation?
It’s not just that Congress spends too much – Congress is addicted to spending our money. I’m a conservative who believes that if hard-working Wisconsinites have to balance a checkbook, Congress should too. I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution for this very reason.

To pay for all this spending, Congress has created a complicated federal tax code. Thousands of pages long and burdensome for many Americans, I believe we must streamline the tax code by eliminating loopholes and deductions, while lowering tax rates for all Americans which will spur economic growth and strengthen the middle class.

Thankfully under President Trump we no longer pay one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. We can build on the Tax Cuts and Jobs act by making many of the temporary tax cuts within it permanent.

Q. Do you agree with the President that the current trade wars with China, Canada, and Europe are the best way to advance American interests?I support the President’s efforts to negotiate better deals for Wisconsin. We need trade that is free but also fair and I’m glad the President has prioritized putting American workers and our people first.

Q. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has been roundly criticized for making routine health care less affordable for millions of people who already had insurance through their jobs. Deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums have risen dramatically, coverage has been reduced and premiums are higher for many. At the same time, the act has provided coverage for millions of people who did not have insurance. How, specifically, would you change the ACA to make it better? Where would the money come from? And how would you ensure that no one ‘falls through the cracks’?
I believe ObamaCare needs to be repealed completely. We must replace it with a plan based on free-market principles like allowing people to purchase plans across state lines, fewer mandates and regulations, and allowing people to take their plans with them when they leave their jobs.

Q. What do you think this nation’s priorities should be during the next decade? If elected, how would your office advance those priorities?
We are at a critical moment in our nation’s history. President Trump has broken up the Washington establishment and is trying to get things done for the American people for once. We’ve already done that here in Wisconsin – we defunded Planned Parenthood, took on the big labor bosses, and cut taxes repeatedly which created thousands of jobs. What the President needs now is more reinforcements in Washington who know how to get things done. That’s why I’m running.

WQOW Staff

WQOW Staff

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