Chassis trucks get converted into firetrucks in Chippewa Falls

Chippewa Falls (WQOW)- Two Chippewa Valley businesses came together Friday to show how one business converts Ford trucks to firetrucks. 

Troy Carothers with Darley in Chippewa Falls said they buy new trucks from local Ford dealers, like Toycen Ford in Chippewa Falls, convert them, and sell them internationally. 

Carothers said what makes them unique is they are the only firetruck manufacturer in the United States that builds their own fire pumps, mounts them in the firetrucks, and builds a body around it.

The trucks use a compressed air foam system to extinguish fires. 

"Probably sells for right about $290,000-$300,000 but that’s half of what a full sized firetruck costs," Carothers said. "We really believe that this compressed air foam system, because of how much fire it can fight while using much much less water and doing much less water damage, that this things worth quite a bit more than a big full sized firetruck that can be over half a million dollars."

Carothers said they build around 20 firetrucks a year, and the process of getting the chassis and forming them into firetrucks takes just under a year to convert. 

He said the firetrucks can come in any color. 



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